About Us

Eidolonspeak.com is an electronic magazine (e-zine) dedicated to modern day and future world issues. Our emphasis is on opinion and commentary pieces in the following areas:

  • Culture (living & wellbeing, society, fine arts, travel, leisure)
  • Economics (business, capitalism, capital markets, finance, trade)
  • Philosophy (reason, thought, values, ideology, spirituality, religion)
  • Politics (government, policy, foreign affairs, global security)
  • Science & Technology (discovery, information, medicine, space, aeronautics, electronics, energy)

Our Editorial Staff & Writers:

  • Susanne Lomatch - Editor, Contributing Author
    -Background: A former scientist and technical program manager with a Ph.D. in Physics
  • Ted Rippert - Editor, Contributing Author
    -Background: A former engineer and technical manager with a Ph.D. in Physics

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