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*Several letters were received regarding the March 19, 2009 piece “Why Health Care and Insurance Costs Are Out Of Control.” These letters are summarized as references [1-3] in a new commentary “Impact of Health Insurance Mandates and Medicare on Costs.” [Author’s note: My sincere thanks go to those who took the time to write responses. We’re all in this fight together. And I will disclose that I am not paid or supported by any health insurance or policy group – I am a small business owner, researcher and writer who pays all of my own and my family's health insurance/care costs, and rising costs have affected my bottom line. I am also a staunch supporter of the free capital markets.]

*Letter from B. Hammons: “Regarding your interesting article, “Dynamically Linked Web Data – The Next Internet Revolution”, are you familiar with the search engine Glimpse? This engine was designed to do in-context linking of data inside documents, not simply indexing at the top-level document. It would appear that this capability or an equivalent may be necessary to complete the vision you describe. If you are interested, here is a link to the web successor of Glimpse: http://webglimpse.net/.”
[Editor’s note: Glimpse is available for $250 and is not open-source, one disadvantage compared to Semantic Web efforts, which are all meant to be open source. But it may be useful for those seeking a text indexing and retrieval tool that exceeds the capability of an ordinary search engine.]

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