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Sound Money and Banking, Free Markets.



A new short movie produced by The Econ Ideal.

MMT and the Pandemic Panic
The Covid-19 crisis has unleashed Modern Monetary Theory madness.

Printing unlimited fiat money is unsustainable – the Gold Standard was abandoned long ago.

End the Fed need not resemble Animal Farm
Replacing the Federal Reserve system and fiat money with sound money and free markets will require a revolution.

A new short movie produced by The Econ Ideal.

Our unstable markets and economy were not ready for exogenous events. 

A decade of monetary stimulus and the consequences of more.

What can we really believe?

Fueled by a decade of monetary stimulus. 


The Fed is buying corporate debt for U.S. government ownership
The means of production is in peril – communism is not the answer.

Regulations and financial repression still cripple our economy
Main street investors and small business incubators have an uphill battle.

Freedom of Opportunity and New Markets
“There is no alternative” should not be the rule. 

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